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Well the Solargorilla turned up the day I went on holiday. This does mean that I can fully test the solar power charger while spending 10 days at the family caravan on the east coast.

I will try the solar panel tomorrow fully and see just how good the charging power is along with just how easy it is to use. Along with plenty of pictures I’ll be adding a full video showcasing the solar panel device.

Lets hope we do have some sun over the next few days rather than the current wind and rain!

Solar Reviews

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As part of this blog I’ll be buying and reviewing some solar panels. These will include solar panels for the home and travel panels. The first product which I’ve ordered is the ‘solargorilla’ which is basically a portable power pack for various mobile devices.

The solargorilla I managed to get for a around £120 after shopping about. I’ll be taking this charger on holiday next week with the family (if it turns up in time) and I’ll post my views and the results of the solargorilla on here along with some film of the product.

UK want to cut carbon emissions by half

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It’s been announced that the UK energy secretary want the UK to cut the carbon emissions in half by 2027. At the moment the UK does produce around 603 million tons of carbon emission, this sounds like a lot, which it is but that’s a decrease from 783 million tons since 1990.

To manage this is not going to be easy. The largest source of ‘free’ electric power is of course wind farms. The size of the wind turbines and the number of them allows them to produce ‘a lot’ of electricity.

But what else can they do?

Solar power is of course the other obvious choice. If half the houses in the UK had a couple of solar power panels on their roofs how much electricity would this produce.. my guess would be a lot. As the panels don’t need direct sunlight and just day light getting solar panels on more houses / buildings can only help the UK reduce the carbon emissions.

There is talk of further pushing the electric cars but I would guess that unless you live in a larger city such as London having a electric car is just not feasible due to the limits on how far the cars go.

So what else can the UK do to help cut these emissions… well I’m sure time will tell!

Green cars

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As part of the ever growing trend / need to ‘go green’ cars are of course among the large targets in the UK. It seems like green cars is quite a new thing as they are getting pushed more in to the public eye but I think people don’t know / release that some hybrid cars have actually been around since the year 2000.

As the hybrid is becoming more popular and the much better option to the all electric cars more and more car companies are starting to look at bringing out there own hybrid.

As a side note to why the hybrid is a better option than the electric car, the electric car has a rather pointless range and too few charge points, I for one who, when I travel, drives around 3 hours south of my location and of course the electric car would not make that in one go. Not a great problem ‘if’ you can find somewhere to charge it but my big issues is having my 21 month old son in the car so stopping to recharge the car is more hassle than it’s worth!

With hybrid cars Toyota have of course been leading the way for some time. The cars have plenty of ‘mod cons’ great MPG and look.. well ok. One of the let downs to their range of cars is the price. For a top of the rang model you are looking at £24,000 (or around there) which is not cheap.

As the time passes though and the technology gets better the prices should drop and hopefully more people will buy the cars which should help with all the pollution we face today on the roads.

Speaking of the pollution, how long before we see hybrid busses.. I don’t know if there are any working hybrid busses yet but it would be nice to see some.

Solar Power for the Home

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With general costs of living going people are now looking at ways to keep costs down. Apart from trying to grow your own ‘fruit and veg’ perhaps it’s time to look at solar panels for the home.

The cost of fitting solar panels in your home has dropped but is still quite expensive. By the time you have installed the panels and equipment it will take years to see a return on this investment.

However people can always start off small, for example you can buy solar panel chargers for mobile phones, tablet devices and of course laptops. Although these devices are small I would guess over the year the cost of running all ‘mobile’ devices in your house would soon add up.

So what can people do?

The easiest solution would be to buy the pre-made portable solar panel chargers which range from as little as £11 and can rise up to £500 +

At the top end of the scale are ultra portable solar chargers which are also flexible (easy to fold up and take with you) and will also provide power for different devices making it a good way to always keep mobile devices charged. If you spend a lot of time on holiday or traveling maybe a device like this would be a perfect solution to always ensure that mobile devices are charged up and it’s always there for an emergency.