Solar Power for the Home

With general costs of living going people are now looking at ways to keep costs down. Apart from trying to grow your own ‘fruit and veg’ perhaps it’s time to look at solar panels for the home.

The cost of fitting solar panels in your home has dropped but is still quite expensive. By the time you have installed the panels and equipment it will take years to see a return on this investment.

However people can always start off small, for example you can buy solar panel chargers for mobile phones, tablet devices and of course laptops. Although these devices are small I would guess over the year the cost of running all ‘mobile’ devices in your house would soon add up.

So what can people do?

The easiest solution would be to buy the pre-made portable solar panel chargers which range from as little as £11 and can rise up to £500 +

At the top end of the scale are ultra portable solar chargers which are also flexible (easy to fold up and take with you) and will also provide power for different devices making it a good way to always keep mobile devices charged. If you spend a lot of time on holiday or traveling maybe a device like this would be a perfect solution to always ensure that mobile devices are charged up and it’s always there for an emergency.

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