UK want to cut carbon emissions by half

It’s been announced that the UK energy secretary want the UK to cut the carbon emissions in half by 2027. At the moment the UK does produce around 603 million tons of carbon emission, this sounds like a lot, which it is but that’s a decrease from 783 million tons since 1990.

To manage this is not going to be easy. The largest source of ‘free’ electric power is of course wind farms. The size of the wind turbines and the number of them allows them to produce ‘a lot’ of electricity.

But what else can they do?

Solar power is of course the other obvious choice. If half the houses in the UK had a couple of solar power panels on their roofs how much electricity would this produce.. my guess would be a lot. As the panels don’t need direct sunlight and just day light getting solar panels on more houses / buildings can only help the UK reduce the carbon emissions.

There is talk of further pushing the electric cars but I would guess that unless you live in a larger city such as London having a electric car is just not feasible due to the limits on how far the cars go.

So what else can the UK do to help cut these emissions… well I’m sure time will tell!

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