Saving Money at home Part 1 – Electric Monitor

We all know that the price of gas and electric is going up in the UK so I’m starting a number of tests to see how we can cut our costs without sending to much money.

My first task is monitoring the use of the electric in my own house.  I’ve bought and installed a ‘owl electric monitoring’ system which, as it says, monitors the electric use in the house in real time.  Below you can see a short video about how the system installs and what I’ll be using it for:

I will run and monitor the amount of electric for a few days to try and establish a base line of how much electric we use in the house.  The house is a 3 bedroom detached, double glazing, central heating, washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge freezer etc.

There is also living in the house myself, wife and 2 year old son.  As I work from home ( JPSZ ltd ) I also run a standard PC, 2 monitors, printer and backup hard drive.  The PC is on from first thing in the morning till very late.

In a sense it is a ‘normal’ house but working from home does mean I ‘should’ use more electric than most.

Over time I will be reporting back with findings and real data on how much electric certian devices save (or don’t save) in the house.  This will be made easy as the owl system can connect to the PC and I’ll be able to download the data and share it here.

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