Saving Money at home Part 2

When I last talked about saving money at home I talked about installing the OWL electric monitoring system and did a small video about it.  In this next video I’m talking about how to start and save some money at home using the data I’m collecting from the monitor.

This video I talk about how I’m installing some new plugs that will turn off anything attached to it rather than being on standby all the time.

The plugs I used in the video above were bought from ebay and were basically the cheapest I could find after hunting around for 10 minutes.  They are not a big solution on how to reduce the amount of energy we use through the day but it should slow the amount used through the night as we will no longer have baby monitors on, TV /Wii and my Hard Drive backup device all running on standby.

Morning energy usage


This picture shows the amount of electric we are using first thing in the morning.  At the moment with the TV, Wii and various other devices left on / standby throughout the night I’m hoping there should be a slight drop when I first wake up.

I’m not expecting the reading to go much lower and I may have to connect the OWL monitor to the PC and look at the actual night usage of electric to really see if there is any difference.

I’ve installed the plugs so it will be a case of having a check in the morning to see whether anything is different but of course I will report back with any and all findings!


Later in the week I will be looking at further ways to try and help reduce the amount of electric we use in the house, without spending a lot of money this is a uphill battle to save money but hopefully the results should, in the long run save some money for me.. and you.

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