Saving Money at home – Update

It’s been a few days since I first got / installed the OWL electric monitoring system and it’s been quite interesting although I have bored half my family talking about it!

The system was easy to install ( Saving Money at Home ) and I started collecting data right away.  Tonight I’ve finally got around to installing the software to read the data on the PC and I’ve managed to make some nice fancy pictures for you all to see!

The first picture just shows the usage since it’s been turned on (a few days) so it’s not really that interesting / offer a lot of information.

OWL electric system

Electric Usage


So as you can see the graph does not really show to much information at the moment other than we are using electric in the house.. so at least it’s working!

It does start to get more interesting once you go further ‘in to’ te graph and actually look at a full days use of electric.






OWL electric use for the 26 / 07

Graph showing the electric use for 1 day


As you can see from this graph the in information starts to make some sense when looking at it.  Of course from midnight till around 08:00 there is not a lot  happening which is to be expected.

From 08:00 onwards you can see that of course we started using up a lot more electric in the house.

The very large spike around 17:00 is of course tea time in the house.  I can’t remember what we had to eat but I do have a funny feeling we did use the oven, boiled the kettle for cups of tea and perhaps various other devices were switched on.

You can also see that once our son goes to bed (around 19:00) there is a bit of a drop before the energy usage starts to rise again.  I can only guess that this is the time we started watching TV, making cups of tea and turning on extra lights around the house.

Although it’s still early in the ‘How to save money at Home’ series the graph is also very similar on the following day so I can already start to see a trend happening in our house.

I’ll be starting in another video soon titled ‘How to Save Money at Home Part 2′ where I will start to look at what I can do around the house to keep the energy use down.

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