Aberdeen may get a new wind farm

The Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group have applied to build a new generation wind farm off the cost of Aberdeen.  The new generation wind turbines will be there as a ‘tester’ but will provide some much needed jobs for the area.

However, there is always someone complaining but this time it’s Donald Trump.  Trump owns a golf club in the area and is complaining that having some wind turbines placed in the proposed location off the cost of Aberdeen will make his golf course have unattractive views to the paying customer.

Just about every time a company proposes a new location for a wind farm someone complains, the two most popular being how it will spoil the view and the noise.

Off shore wind farms were supposed to be the answer although it did have people complaining about it upsetting the natural balance in the ocean.

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for companies trying to build wind farms as it seems no matter where the proposed site is someone starts complaining.  Having wind farms around the UK coast lines is creating job and being green, renewable energy to the UK which is something we all should be doing and should care about but it seems that many are more interested in a nice view.

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