Can I run my TV from Solar Power



Since building the solar panel charging station I’ve tried a few devices to see whether or not I’ll be able to run them just by using the battery which is of course charged up via the 60w solar panel.

Today I looked around the living/sitting room and decided to try the TV, BT Vision box and a few other devices that you would normally find in the living room.

The video I’ve done does show that it is possible to run everything from the 1 battery but of course the more devices you run, the higher the watts used and the less battery life you get.

After completing the video I started editing it and decided to look up why I keep on getting random ‘buzzing’ sounds.  Today the TV when plugged in was generating a odd sound.  At first I did think it was the inverter but it was coming from the TV.  I did a quick search online and it ‘seems’ that the problem stems from the inverter.

The inverter I have is a 2000w “Modified” Sine Wave.  According to some websites (can’t always take sites as the whole truth) some electrical devices have a problem with the modified part of the inverter and they do say that if I was to use a “Pure” Sine Wave inverter I would in theory not have any strange buzzing sounds.

I may test this theory but the Pure Sine inverters are very expensive and this setup is all about saving money!

As a final thought for anyone who has watched this, if my Maths is wrong please feel free to tell me.  I’m by no means a expert when it comes to working out watts / volts / amps just going off what I’ve been told or read.

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