Durham Council to install solar panels

Durham City
Durham City

Durham Council are looking to make a large investment in Solar Panel this year bu spending £6 million on there solar scheme.

The Council are planning on installing the solar panels on 5 buildings they own in the Durham area.  They have already applied for planning permission which they should find out whether the bid is successful around September.

Like many local councils they are trying to reduce the the carbon emissions for the area and of course in the long term the solar panels will hopefully start giving the council a profit.

The £6 million loan will be paid back at a massive £466,000 a year but they are hoping (and I presume estimated) that with the feed in tariff they should make back £700,000 a year.  This means not only will the panels pay for themselves each month but it will also give the council a nice profit.

There is no doubt that a investment in the area of this much money and solar power will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the Durham area.  Hopefully other councils will take advantage of the feed-in tariff before the government change the pricing and time structure to the current tariff.
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