More price rises on electric and gas

As it seems to be a growing trend amongst electric / gas companies it seems that just about all of them have put up the price of energy this year.

E.On is the latest company to raise their prices and it’s not really a little jump with gas going up 18% and electricity 11% in September.  E.On are just another company in a long list that keep putting up the price of Gas and Electricity.  Amongst the other companies are NPower, British Gas and Scottish power to name but a few.

All companies are, at the moment blaming the rise in wholesale energy prices.

What I find odd is most of the larger gas / electric companies are investing plenty of money in renewable energy, of course the money they are spending will need to be ‘recouped’ but surely if these companies are making all this extra electric via solar energy / wind power then how come our prices are rising at a alarming rate?

It is estimated that with all the price raises this year it will cost a UK household 10% of the income if not more.  There are a few websites claiming now to offer advice on how to cut down your bills but there is only one showing you real tests and experiments on how to save money.  Be sure to share, like and tell your friends about and hopefully we can all save a little money.

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