Most people put off using Green Energy

It has not been a really big shock to read that people are put of using green energy because of the price but it’s been reported that a large percent of people are interested but knowing the price they don’t bother

At the moment it can cost well in excess of £10,000 to have a solar solution installed in (or rather on) your home.  It’s estimated that having a home solar solution installed would save a bit more than half of your yearly electric bills and of course  cut down the carbon emissions.  It is a great idea for all but the initial outlay of money is beyond the reach of many people.

So what can we do?

As with all technology as the months pass by there are always new advances and of course this is the same with solar panels.  It may take a bit longer but prices should start to drop once different ways, methods, materials are found to work with the solar panels.  Time is the main factor here, if you wait that bit longer you should see the prices fall and the chance to get some panels installed and for you to harness the solar energy will get closer.

What can we do now?

If you keep reading my blog and watch my videos I’m always trying to find the cheapest ways to cut down the eclectic bill.  Apart from changing various things in the house I’ll also be setting up a solar panel ‘charging station’.

The idea behind the charging station is a cheap (under £600) solution to charging various devices and to see just what we can run off this solution.  It’s all about saving money in the longer term not the short term.

Basically if you can’t afford to pay out £10,000 + and want to save money on your electric bill then keep reading and watching for my hints / tips / real examples of saving money at home by using solar energy.

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