New design in Wind Turbines

The normal wind turbines we see on our land scape could be a thing of the past one day.  At the moment the normal wind turbines will only generate two watts of power per square metre of land.  The reason for this is the space in which the wind turbines need because of the large blades spinning around and to avoid turbulence from each other.

The new design in wind turbines which look like ‘upright spinning egg whisks’ use a lot less space because there are no large blades sticking out and the designers have also watched how schools of fish swim to avoid the turbulence.

The new design will not avoid all the turbulence but it will help power all the other wind turbines by using a funnelling effect.  The power generated by paired turbines could in theory be larger than wind turbines working on there own.

The new design if proven to be successful and implemented could mean much more power generated per square meter.  This means that owners could either use much less land, or use the same amount of land but generate more power.


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