Saving Money at Home Part 4

If you look back at the late ‘Saving Money at Home’ you will see I was installing the plugs which via remote will turn off any device plugged in to it meaning it would not be on standby over night.  The idea of this was to see if it will save money and just how much it will save.

The plugs were used on 2 Baby Monitors, external hard drive and the TV/Wii.  All these devices were left on throughout the night so with the remote control plugs it made life easy to turn them off and saving energy.

I never expected a massive saving but I think it was obvious I would save something.  The 4 pack of plugs cost me £13 (approx) from that lovable site EBay.

So the results are as follows:

Morning energy usage


This is the image / reading was a normal morning reading when all the devices were plug

ged in and left on standby over night.

I was hoping to see a drop after I started to used the new plugs in the house and I did.





owl new morning reading

New Electric Reading from the OWL




So as you can see first thing in the morning before anything has been turned on there is a slight drop in the reading.

This drop was just down to the new plugs and not leaving anything on standby over night.

So far so good, I know I’ve saving electric, money and of course I’ll be helping to produce less co2 and starting to do my bit for the planet!




So the real question now is how much is this all saving me at the moment?

To get a full reading I again connected the OWL to the PC and started to write down the readings from 01:00 in the morning till 07:00.

Now generally we do get to bed around 12:00 and are normally up around the 08:00 mark but as things change I tool the readings from 1 till 7.  So what did I find?

On Thursday the 27th of July between the hours of 01:00 and 07:00 we used approx 1.001kw

On Monday the 1st of August between the hours of 01:00 and 07:00 we used approx 0.766kw

Both these figures are the total amount and of course there is a difference of 0.235kw.

The difference might not seem like much but you have to look at the bigger picture, in 1 night we are saving 0.235kw so over a year (365 days) this little figure jumps to 85.775kw.

I logged on to my account and checked the tariff I was was on (I’m on British Gas for my electric), worked out the price and did my sums.  My yearly saving by simply turning off a few plug sockets has been £18 / year approx

Although not a ‘large’ figure it is still a saving, even with spending money on the plugs I’m still going to be saving more than I spent on them over this next year which is what I’m trying to do.  This kind of saving will of course be different for most people as it depends on what is left on over night, regardless of what is left on it’s going to pay to turn them off from now on!


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