Saving Money at Home Part 5

With the on going struggle to keep our electric bills down it seems that everything / everyone is against us with yet more energy companies putting up there prices.  With more and more companies doing this it’s becoming even more important to try and save money at home which leads us to Part 5 of Saving Money at Home.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy Saving Light Bulbs


I don’t think people release just how much energy normal light bulbs in the house use.  Watching the OWL electric monitor whilst walking around the house turning lights on and off you start to get an idea that they do consume quite a lot of electric.

I’ve seen the OWL monitor jump up around 0.6 kw by just turning on a set of lights which was a surprise.

If you were to look at the price difference then if you used a 50w light bulb for 1 hour a day and paid 0.10p for a unit of electric you will pay £1.83 a year but switching to a 50w energy saving light bulb you will only pay  £0.37 a year.

Now a yearly saving of £1.46 does not seem like a great saving but this is based on 1 light bulb 1 hour a day.  If you look at this as a home owner it will no doubt jump to 3-5 light bulbs perhaps a couple of hours per day so the savings will increase quite a bit.

The standard cost of these light bulbs is around £1 – £3 depending of course on brand, style and company but this should be offset quite quickly especially over the winter period when you will have quite a few lights on and on more often.

Over the next day or so I’ll be wondering around replacing all normal light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs to help keep that rising electric bill down.

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