Should more caravans have solar panels

At the end of last year we bought a static caravan to used for family holidays because having a son who is just about to turn two we thought that staying within the UK and only having to travel 3 hours for a holiday would be a good idea.

When we bought the caravan we had the standard sales pitch and of course bought the caravan (we were always going to buy the caravan anyway!)

One thing that stood out last week when we were getting ready for another holiday is the fact on our site of what much be over 100 caravans there is not one with solar panels on them.

When looking to install fixed solar panels the best position is a South facing roof.  This allows for the solar panels to be in the direct sunlight for the longest (when we have the sun of course).  This is mainly because of the angle of the roof is quite steep.

With a caravan though most caravan roofs have a very small slope meaning that really, no matter which way it’s facing you should always get the most out of the solar panels.

When we bought the caravan there was never any talk about solar panels so I decided to e-mail Park Resorts to ask where they stand on the subject.

The response I got was that the caravan manufactures didn’t offer solar panels and that it was food for thought by Park Resorts.

This answer is ‘fair enough’ but I wanted to know a little more so I have sent another e-mail asking what Park Resorts would think if I wanted to put up my own solar panels on the caravan.

The reason for the e-mail is whether I wanted an ‘on grid’ solar setup or a stand along how or what would Park Resorts would do to help me with this.

I’ve not had a response back as of yet but I will post my findings.

I do think that if solar panels were offered in a deal when buying a caravan then if most caravans took this offer up it would basically cut out the electricity bill for everyone.  As most of the parks are not open all year round it would mean that when the parks were shut the solar panels could still generate electric while the resort was shut.

Of course it is not just about saving money but also helping the environment and surely it would save Park Resorts plenty of money!

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