Solar Energy Power Station

So what do you need to build a Solar Energy Power Station and to answer that question is now very easy.  Of course I’m not talking about a power station that will power 100 homes but a small solar power station that will charge various devices in your home.

A couple of days ago I started e-mailing the company SunShine Solar and I kept getting replies from a person called ‘Mike’.  Mike was very helpful and answered all my questions no matter how many I sent and how stupid they no doubt sounded.  But thanks to Mike I now have everything needed to build my own Solar Energy Power station… well nearly everything!

Solar kit

Solar Kit needed for Solar Energy Power Station



The whole kit includes:

Solar Panel


Charge Regulator

extension cable

Solar Panel Stand



Now the above list is missing 1 product which is a battery box but I didn’t order this from SunShine Solar it was ordered from EBay so no idea when it will turn up.  The battery box is going to be very important for this project as with the battery living outside I need it protected.

Today I’ll be making another video of how to put together this setup and I’m hoping it wont be too hard but Mike has assured me that I can contact him for help.

Important: To be honest without Mikes help I’m unsure if I would of bought the right products.  I nearly bought a 80 W solar panel but after e-mailing the person selling it it turned out that “Weather Proof” does not always mean “Water Proof” .. who would of thought it!!

Till later when hopefully the whole idea of a ‘cheap’ solar energy charging station will be up and running.

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