Solar Energy – What can I run off it

I’ve had the solar energy solar panel charging station for a while now and it’s time to begin testing what I can or cannot run from this setup.  The battery is fully charging and everything is working just right however I did have some issues while charging the battery!

When I first got the battery there is a small spot which is meant to go green when the battery is fully charged but I’ve been having issues with this and it’s never (and still has not) gone fully green.  To make sure I’ve ended up buying3 different gadgets to test the battery level.

I’ve bought a multi-meter which works well and 2 LED displays which shows the level of the battery.  One of these though didn’t work and is now in the bin the other is working fine.

Apart from that small issue (which I also talk about in the video) I started some tests to see what I can run from the solar charging station.

So what next??

Looking back on the video it looks like there are going to be many devices within the house (more so the kitchen) that this setup will not run.  I have a couple of choices if I want to run a kettle / toaster which would be to either buy some which run on a much lower watts or increase the size of the inverter.

By far the cheaper of these would be to buy a new toaster and kettle but I’m trying to save as much money as possible not buy in more products.

I’m busy doing my maths to work out when else I can and can’t run so in the next video I’ll venture in to the sitting room and see how running a TV and a few other devices will work.

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