Solar panels could get better

As we all know Solar panels are being common around the UK whether it is on homes or in the garden.  The current panels do quite a good job at creating electricity but there is hope for improvement.

The clever people are trying out a new structure to the solar panels that forces photons to bounce while going through the panel rather than just ‘going through’.

This bouncing effect means that when light hits the new designs it’s bouncing from one layer to another, each time the light hits a layer it’s producing a small charge of electricity rather than the current process where the light simply hits the layer once, produces a charge and passes through.

This new design could mean that solar panels could be 26% more efficient than solar panels on the market today.

If the new design can be perfected then it would mean that a current 80w solar panel would infact be called a 100w solar panel.  I’m not sure if this would mean a price cut in the cost of solar panels but the material they have been testing the structured layered is less expensive that the current silicon solar cells.

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