Solar Powered Laptop

samsung solar panel netbook

samsung solar panel netbook

Samsung have released there solar panel netbook to various places around the world with the latest being in South Korea.  The netbook is also available in Europe, africa and the U.S

The Netbook basically has a PV (photovoltaic) solar Panel on it’s back cover (the side with the screen on) and when in sunlight charges the internal battery.

Depending on what you read, 2 hours in the sun will produce somewhere between 30 – 1 hour worth of power for the netbook but I would suspect the amount of time will vairy depending on what you are using the netbook for.

The Netbook will also charge up

The concept is a very good one which will allow for less charging time and thus less cost to the user.  I’ve not of course seen or tried one of these netbooks but one of my thoughts is whether this will actually charge up in day light of whether it actually needs direct sunlight.

If you read back on a post I made a while back regarding the ‘Powergorilla’ this portable charging device was hopeless unless the panels were in direct sunlight so I wonder if the solar panel on the samsung netbook would be the same.

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