Wind Turbines Good or Bad

Every other day you read in the news that new ‘wind farms’ are appearing around the UK whether it is on land or out at sea.  There also always seems to be a debate on if this is a good or bad thing.

Many residents around the UK have been opposed to either planed wind farms or wind farms that are already in operation and producing electric.  The problem that always seems to be one of two responses, they are noisy or they spoil the area.

wind turbines

A Typical Wind Farm

The image to the left is a typical wind farm in the UK.  You don’t have to drive far before you see something like this image in your local area.  We have a wind farm less than a mile away from our current house and we have never heard these turbines and nor does it spoil the landscape.
The UK has been adding plenty of offshore wind farms though which does seem to be the more preferred option to wind farms on land.
This year alone has seen a massive 108 offshore wind farms built in the surrounding sea with around 101 being built by the UK.  This is a big step in the right direction to help the UK reduce the overall c02 levels.
With each new wind farm built at sea there is always the question asked on whether it will destroy the wild live in the ocean.  There has been a number of studies and the simple answer is “no it wont”.
There is, of course plenty of disturbance when the wind farms are being built, however only a very short time needs to pass before there is an abundance of wildlife living around the bottom of the wind turbine.  This wildlife is using the wind turbine as a home / shelter and includes many crabs and fish.
The second advantage after built is the restriction of fishing around the farms.  It’s just not possible for trawlers to get close to the turbines and many of the farms also have a restriction on how close smaller boats and recreational anglers can get which in turn gives a ‘safe haven’ to many forms of sea life.
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