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Can the Council cut down bills more

Posted on January 27th, 2012 in Solar Power by JP No Comments

Over Christmas it’s of course been getting dark very early an we have not had that much sunshine so my experiments have been put on hold for now.

Walking around I noticed they are quite a few ‘school crossing’ signs which are they to of course warn drivers to watch out for children crossing the road mainly and so they pay more attention in case any children run out in to the road.

I also noticed the lights flashing on Saturdays and Sundays means that they waste electric every weekend and of course bank holidays.  If the council upgraded these lights, added in a small circuit board that was programmed to only flash the lights on weekdays I sometimes wonder how much money they would save / c02 emissions.

If you think of how many schools they are in the UK and whether each of these signs are going on/off on the weekends where there is no need there will be a lot of wasted electric.

Perhaps a upgrade of signs like this could help the UK further reduce the c02 emissions and if they really tried they would also invest in some signals which were powered by solar power alone.

school patrol sign

school patrol sign


Perhaps these new school patrol signs will be the way forward.  As you can see they have a small 30watt solar panel on them while provides the power for the LED lights.  Of courses changing all these signals would be costly but you have to think about the future and the fact we ‘are’ trying to reduce the c02 emissions for the UK as a while.

It’s only a small saving but a saving none the less.  The technology is here now so why are more councils not investing in signs like this?