IPCC wants change but do you?

The IPCC has finally released the news that we all expected, we are helping climate change along quite nicely and it’s about time we did something about it.  For many people this would not come as a surprise but they are still many who will not give in to the scientific evidence and still stand up and say it’s all ‘rubbish’ and the scientists are blowing hot air.. Yes puns intended!

A favourite is the ability of many people to cherry pick information to base their reasons on but it is normally quashed quite quick by many others.  You can expect that the people who deny climate change will never be convinced about climate change.

So what now?

The IPCC wants countries to start using more renewable energy which I’m sure that many people in the UK would be willing to, however, as always, money is the factor which stops everyone.  Solar panels are the obvious choice for many people but prices are still high and the feed in tariff has been dropping in price each year making the who FIT scheme a lot less appealing.

The cost of solar panels is dropping though and fast with the average price coming in at around £6,000 now meaning that you can get your money back in 6 to 7 years and with many money saving tips and idea’s you may even make it back quicker.  Perhaps with the IPCC producing the latest report wanting to push countries and governments in to using more renewable energy the UK may start investing in more technology, research and incentives to get the UK on track to reduce the CO2 emissions.

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