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change is here

Posted on July 21st, 2011 in Web Site News by JP No Comments

If you have been to this site before you will notice some changes (large changes) are happening.  We have had the site redesigned with a new template which is being placed over the next couple of days.

Our directory of Solar Panel suppliers is still working as normal though but we have moved our ‘nature blog’ to the front.

The main reason for the change is the amount of work which will be going into the blog over the coming months / year.  We have lined up a number of tests and reviews with a larger on going review / test on how we can all save money at home by using various cost cutting and green methods.

Part one of the “money saving and green” test will be up shortly, this will not only include various posts and pictures but also video which will follow the progress.

We hope you enjoy the new template and we look forward to helping everyone save some money at home with the help of Power By Nature.co.uk