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New design in Wind Turbines

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The normal wind turbines we see on our land scape could be a thing of the past one day.  At the moment the normal wind turbines will only generate two watts of power per square metre of land.  The reason for this is the space in which the wind turbines need because of the large blades spinning around and to avoid turbulence from each other.

The new design in wind turbines which look like ‘upright spinning egg whisks’ use a lot less space because there are no large blades sticking out and the designers have also watched how schools of fish swim to avoid the turbulence.

The new design will not avoid all the turbulence but it will help power all the other wind turbines by using a funnelling effect.  The power generated by paired turbines could in theory be larger than wind turbines working on there own.

The new design if proven to be successful and implemented could mean much more power generated per square meter.  This means that owners could either use much less land, or use the same amount of land but generate more power.


Aberdeen may get a new wind farm

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The Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group have applied to build a new generation wind farm off the cost of Aberdeen.  The new generation wind turbines will be there as a ‘tester’ but will provide some much needed jobs for the area.

However, there is always someone complaining but this time it’s Donald Trump.  Trump owns a golf club in the area and is complaining that having some wind turbines placed in the proposed location off the cost of Aberdeen will make his golf course have unattractive views to the paying customer.

Just about every time a company proposes a new location for a wind farm someone complains, the two most popular being how it will spoil the view and the noise.

Off shore wind farms were supposed to be the answer although it did have people complaining about it upsetting the natural balance in the ocean.

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for companies trying to build wind farms as it seems no matter where the proposed site is someone starts complaining.  Having wind farms around the UK coast lines is creating job and being green, renewable energy to the UK which is something we all should be doing and should care about but it seems that many are more interested in a nice view.

Wind Turbines Good or Bad

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Every other day you read in the news that new ‘wind farms’ are appearing around the UK whether it is on land or out at sea.  There also always seems to be a debate on if this is a good or bad thing.

Many residents around the UK have been opposed to either planed wind farms or wind farms that are already in operation and producing electric.  The problem that always seems to be one of two responses, they are noisy or they spoil the area.

wind turbines

A Typical Wind Farm

The image to the left is a typical wind farm in the UK.  You don’t have to drive far before you see something like this image in your local area.  We have a wind farm less than a mile away from our current house and we have never heard these turbines and nor does it spoil the landscape.
The UK has been adding plenty of offshore wind farms though which does seem to be the more preferred option to wind farms on land.
This year alone has seen a massive 108 offshore wind farms built in the surrounding sea with around 101 being built by the UK.  This is a big step in the right direction to help the UK reduce the overall c02 levels.
With each new wind farm built at sea there is always the question asked on whether it will destroy the wild live in the ocean.  There has been a number of studies and the simple answer is “no it wont”.
There is, of course plenty of disturbance when the wind farms are being built, however only a very short time needs to pass before there is an abundance of wildlife living around the bottom of the wind turbine.  This wildlife is using the wind turbine as a home / shelter and includes many crabs and fish.
The second advantage after built is the restriction of fishing around the farms.  It’s just not possible for trawlers to get close to the turbines and many of the farms also have a restriction on how close smaller boats and recreational anglers can get which in turn gives a ‘safe haven’ to many forms of sea life.

New Wind farms are go

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Wind farms are something that are starting to be come a common site when driving around the UK. Many people like the idea but of course many don’t.

It’s becoming common to also see wind farms along our coastlines (few miles out) but as always you can’t please everyone. BBC news has reported about some new farms that should be showing up soon, taken from there site:

“Successful bids for nine new offshore wind farm zone licences within UK waters have been announced.

A consortium including Npower and Norway’s Statkraft won the licence for the biggest zone, in Dogger Bank, which could produce nine gigawatts of energy.

Turbines in the nine zones could generate up to 32 gigawatts of power, a quarter of the UK’s electricity needs.

The winners have signed exclusive agreements with the Crown Estate, which owns the UK seabed.”

Wind farms such as these don’t affect the public as such but one set of people are complaining such as sea anglers. Many of the fishermen have been commenting on how this could destroy the sea bed however people who work with the wind farms that are already around the UK have explained that they attract fish / plant life after a very short time.

The wind farms are good news for the UK and hopefully more of them can be built.